Monday, January 15, 2007

Spocko saga continues

The NYT picks up the story and covers the allegedly open session with the hate jockeys at KFSO. As widely expected it turned into another hate party for the DJs and their knuckle dragging fans. This exchange between a supporter of Spocko and the one of the station's hatemongers rather sums it up.
Mr. Stark: “You’ve spoken of the number of apologies you have tried to make. How many apologies does a professional get before they realize they are an incompetent and move on to another line of work?”

KSFO’s Lee Rodgers: “Well I haven’t apologized for anything and I am not going to start with you. How the hell do you like that, creep?”
Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave to see how far from family values his empire has fallen, to be associated with dreck like this.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if the bloggers who continue to perpetuate this propaganda realize the average American has the resources to go back through historically cached internet sites and to research the backgrounds of the individuals who are posting? And one has to wonder if the attitude of the blogger is that the average American is basically dumb and will buy into it?

Its clear this is merely a group of individuals who meet yearly at an conference called Eschacon, sponsored by Duncan Black of Media Matters, a liberal propaganda internet media rag, paid for by George Soros. If you look at the names of the bloggers and their blogs, it is easy to see most were in attendance at that conference. And one can see the names of the Democrat candidates who were also at that conference. Further, one can see the photographs of the individuals who attended.

Further internet research indicates that most of those individuals have an average of three to five different blogs apiece that they have been posting this story on and the responses to those blogs are again, from the same individuals who were at the above conference. As well, it is easy to see they have different screen names. Hilarious are the number of "new blogs" they are creating which can easily be seen on Spocko's website and in the majority of responses which cite their blogs which were created within the past few days.

Couple this information with the blogger, Spocko, who has put out false and erroneous information to advertisers in an effort to close down the conservation radio station, KSFO and try to get the talk show hosts off the air. Internet research indicates Spocko has held a long termed relationship with Media Matters, posting on their website since 2005. However one will not find it within the Media Matters current archives. Those archives were removed, in hopes the “average American” would simply give up at the initial level of research. However, if one to view the “cached versions” of those archives, they would see Spocko posting the results, thus far, of his war. Further, if one were to research Spocko’s posts, they would find one on the internet that indicates he is working for Media Matters on this project and is asking an individual to try to gain legal assistance for him from the EFF. One such post by Spocko is where he refers to posters writing posts in the manner “Media Matters wants us to write them.”

If one were to research Michael Stark, who has claimed to organize these bloggers (which were previously organized at the Eschacon Conferences since 2005 when Media Matters first began) one would find a 38 year old, previously divorced waiter from Pennsylvania, who was attending his first year of law school in Virginia, who states in his biographies to be a Marine (not a former Marine or a Veteran who may or may not have served over twenty years ago) who stalked a Republican candidate this last autumn and battered individuals who present at a Republican function. Further, they would find he receives compensation as a reporter for Air America, the competitive radio station which is financed by George Soros. Not very ethical, however it is not something you will hear from Media Matters who claims to be an ethical watchdog for the media. In fact, he reports for them, as well.

Though the bloggers are claiming to advocate free speech, while trying to thwart the speech of others, I doubt this post will remain up long because they want the “average American” to buy their propaganda in an attempt to limit the rights afforded to those who think differently than they do.

Not very American, is it? But, think about it…Spocko’s new co-host on his website is NOT an America, but someone from Canada. Fortunately, the “average American” is smart enough to research on the internet, despite the Progressive Democrats obvious view that they will buy into their political campaign. Unfortunately, the journalists at the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle have not done their homework and research or allowed themselves to be cherry picked by Media Matters to write what Media Matters desired and not the truth.

And so much ado over anonymous internet comments by anonymous persons who are all affiliated with one another under one political veil.

2:37:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Well, I'm not affiliated with any of those bloggers, nor have I attended any conferences. I'm just a sole operator who has been disturbed at the unfettered distribution of hatemongering in the name of profits and I support Spocko out of desire to bring the civil back into civilized society.

If you prefer to defend cretins who ply hate, that's your right. I have to right to try to stop them.

2:46:00 PM  

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