Friday, April 28, 2006

They got Drudge -- they don't need no stinkin' facts

I didn't follow the posts on this but from what I saw, I thought it was rather unseemly, if not downright tacky, for the Bush bloggers to be gleefully celebrating the claimed poor reception for Kos and Armstrong's book. The Bushie blogswarm was very busy crowing about its dismal sales while patting themselves on the back for consorting with real winners like Glenn Reynolds and Hugh Hewitt whose books sales were allegedly doing so much better.

As Glenn Greenwald discovers their premise was not only delusional, it was easy to do some actual research to prove their claims were patently false. Kos' book is already outselling both and has been on the market for a much shorter time. And these are people that are going to supplant the MSM? And one might note although Glenn modestly fails to mention it, his own book went to number one on Amazon overnight.

Read the post. It's not as wordy as usual and Glenn has some keen insights, as always, on the cult of Bush believers. He's right. It's not so much a political movement as a religious faith that can't be shaken by mere facts. Kind of the political version of creationism.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bushist cult must be the hangers-on accounting for what's left of his approval rating. Anyone with a lick of sense has (rightly) defected.

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