Friday, April 28, 2006

Hey, they let them bring bagels too

You gotta love those wacky Republicans. I mean did they wake up one morning and say to their spouse, "Honey, I know just how to bring accountablility back to the government. We're going to have an investigation, a long investigation during which no witnesses are allowed to be called." This isn't even irony, it's slapstick comedy.
Senate Intelligence Committee Staff Director Bill Duhnke, top aide to Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS), said there was no need to interview Powell's former aides, saying the intelligence behind Powell's speech was already known.


"Throughout the oversight process Senator Rockefeller and other Democrat members have requested and received certain accommodations that are too numerous to list," he added. "Any characterization otherwise is simply not accurate."
These guys should be in vaudeville. How about they just list the top three? Like what exactly did they accomodate? Did they agree to let them bring fair market coffee into the meetings?
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