Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can Neil Young resurrect the Woodstock Nation?

I haven't posted on this yet but I was cruising around the message board at my buddies, The Drunk Stuntmen's website and someone posted this great interview with Neil Young about his soon to released album and more particularly the sure to be controversial song on the album, Let's Impeach the President. (Well Neil is great, the interview chick is snarky and irritating.) I hope the link works. I haven't figured out this youtube thing yet but it seems like everybody is uploading the videos these days. I'll have to figure out how to do that.

I'm a big fan anyway but I'm really looking forward to this album. It will be really interesting to see how it's received. I'm wondering whether it will be another Dixie Chicks moment or whether, given the current dissatisfaction with Bush, whether it will feel more like a return to Woodstock.
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