Saturday, February 18, 2006

War president needs a war

Blogger has been having issues today so I'm just getting here and I'm already a little burned out. I just posted the latest on the UAE port deal at DetNews with links to some good posts including of all people Malkin, and the generally irritating Anti-idotarian.

I also have one up on Rummy's latest PR games over his Lincoln Group propaganda project. You gotta love this guy. On the same day, he says he didn't know about the project, that he shut it down when he found out about it, (easily refuted by the record), and then at a different event chides the press for negative coverage that undermines the program - the same one he already allegedly disbanded.

I just don't get how the White House supporters can keep reconciling the inconsistencies in their own heads. The administration is obviously at lie saturation point. They've told so many they can't keep them straight, but they've realized that they have that solid 40% that won't hold them accountable, no matter what they say -- so they say anything.

Meanwhile, our soldiers died so Shiite death squads could kill Sunnis in revenge for Hussien's death squads killing them. My thoughts on that at the link.

Mikevotes pointed us to an excellent story about soldiers in Samarra that struck me as sounding more realistic than most of the pap that passes for news.

And I turned up this piece on a couple of studies done at West Point on the structure of al-Qaeda and the best way to fight it. I thought they had some good insights. Now if only if the administration would listen to them, but of course they would only do that if they actually wanted to win the war on terror. It's certainly more useful to Bush to keep it going so he can be the Imperial President forever.
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