Friday, February 17, 2006

The Sideshow

If you only read one blog a day, Avedon would be the one you should choose. Nothing gets by her. A small sampling of her current posts.

Robert Scheer has a bone to pick with Condi Rice and her rose-colored predictions on stability in Iraq. Read it all, it's short but the best point.
There is no way to soft-pedal it: The astounding rise of an anti-American firebrand like al-Sadr is an indicator of how wide and complete a political defeat pro-Western forces have suffered in Iraq. Written off by most Western observers as nothing more than a rabble-rousing irritant in the first months of the U.S. occupation, al-Sadr has more than survived his confrontation with the world's only superpower: His faction was the big winner in the recent elections, now entrenched as the largest single force in the dominant Shiite coalition. So it is that the political support of a young radical, who not so long ago was considered a wanted outlaw by the occupiers, has now determined the selection of Iraq's new leader.
I guess Rove's threats against his party members were effective. The Senate Intelligence Committee decided today not to investigate President Bush's domestic surveillance program, at least for the time being. Perhaps they'll get to it when hell freezes over. In the interim they have an "agreement in principle" with the White House. Bah. These people wouldn't know principles if they leapt up and bit them in the ass.

For a little comic relief, The Keyboard Commandos save the day. This is probably funnier if you recognize the commandos but it's still worth a chuckle. And this is why I still love snow even though I don't see it anymore.
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