Friday, February 17, 2006

Homeland security agents moonlight as porn police

I've always said give a little man a little power and he becomes a big jerk. Exhibit One.
Two uniformed men strolled into the main room of the Little Falls library in Bethesda one day last week and demanded the attention of all patrons using the computers. Then they made their announcement: The viewing of Internet pornography was forbidden. [...]

After the two men made their announcement, one of them challenged an Internet user's choice of viewing material and asked him to step outside, according to a witness. A librarian intervened, and the two men went into the library's work area to discuss the matter. A police officer arrived. In the end, no one had to step outside except the uniformed men.

They were officers of the security division of Montgomery County's Homeland Security Department, an unarmed force that patrols about 300 county buildings -- but is not responsible for enforcing obscenity laws.
Judging by the past incompetency of Homeland Security, I would bet these guys couldn't get a night watchman's job at a worm farm, but they get a uniform so they want lord it over the "little people." Good for the librarians for sticking up for the patron's rights. Meanwhile, calling the incident regrettable,
Montgomery plans to train its homeland security officers "so they fully understand library policy and its consistency with residents' First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution," Romer said in his statement.
And the taxpayer is paying 3.6 million in salaries for this? The real tragedy is, if these two were confronted with a terrorist, they would probably shit their britches and run.
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Blogger Yukkione said...

wow, thats unbelievable. The arrogance of those two. But, many browshirts thought they were powerful instruments as well.

7:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it sick? These are the sort of people that still support this corrupt administration.

1:35:00 PM  
Blogger mikevotes said...

I saw this and it terrified me. To me it represents a larger move in this country around asserting "our religion" and morals. It's like the pharmacists who refuse to fill ru486 perscriptions because they say it violates their religion.

If they were Christian Identity and believed that blacks were inferior, would treating them differently be okay?

I just feel that we are rocketing down the slippery slope.

By the way, I'm back to commenting more. The project finally got done, so now I can take the extra five minutes to respond rather than just read. So, you'll probably be hearing more from me again.


5:50:00 PM  

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