Thursday, February 16, 2006

Days of rage and raspberries

When Acoutic Dad started his roundtable asking if we could break through our partianship and find common ground with each other on issues that matter, I had just enjoyed a round of civilized discourse with some right wingers and I was feeling pretty positive. However, after having endured the childish taunting and school yard bully tactics that some right wingers try to pass off as reasoned debate, I'm feeling more in tune with Shamanic at the moment.
I used to think that was okay, we're all Americans and we're all neighbors, after all, but it isn't okay. People who support this administration are traitors to the United States. What they really want is a dictator to paint the world in tones of black and white and they want a lot of Americans wiped out with the same broad brush. No more.

If you want a strongman telling you what's good and punishing what's bad, I strongly encourage you to move to Iran. If you want a theocracy that limits the media and punishes the over-the-top and the obscene, move to Iran. If you don't believe in a multiparty state, or believe in it only in name, move to Iran.

And take your president with you.
Amen, and the bloggers who only want an echo chamber filled with the dulcet tones of eager sycophants who scramble to curry their favor, should just be honest and make their blogs membership only, so they can enjoy the Greek chorus without the trouble of having to beat back dissenting opinions.
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