Sunday, July 03, 2005

Who knew what and when?

Hangleft stopped in the comment section on this post with a different explanation. I don't think it refutes Kite's theory as to why Cooper and Plame are facing jail and Novak is walking the streets. It's a different question that also deserves an answer though. Hangleft joins Digby in asking, just how many journalists knew the answer for months now and thus became complicit in the White House abuse of power?

It's a thornier question. Do they deserve to go to jail for protecting their source because it was the vile master of deceit, Karl Rove? Do they deserve our anger or contempt for doing it? I hate to be put in a position of defending that White House shill Miller, but I have to say that it's like protecting First Amendment rights. You can't just protect speech you agree with, you have to protect all speech. Would we be asking the question if she were protecting a source that outed Bush? By that reasoning I have to say, and it's difficult without choking on the words, that Miller did the right thing.

As to the rest of the "journalists" who may have known and didn't have sources to protect, I'll join Digby and Hangleft in asking, "What the hell took you so long?"
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