Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wheel of Fortune

I don't know anything about this guy so I don't have anything to say about it yet but Ana Marie Cox is always ready for any possibility. Only Wonkette could work in an anal sex angle to a post on the newly nominated Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and get away with it.
So: we do know that he looks like Pat Sajak and that he hates abortion. The good news is that we don't know how he feels about sodomy. So for those of you upset about his anti-choice stance, remember: There's more than one way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Ass-fuck while you still can. Also, from now on we're calling that "buying a vowel."
Pretty ballsy choice on Rove's part to put up an anti-choice candidate to take the heat off his own sorry butt. I wonder if our newly resurrected press have enough consonants in their notebooks to keep both names on the front page.
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