Saturday, July 16, 2005

So much for the First Amendment

Leonard Clark is serving on the streets of Baghdad in the National Guard. He is a Kindergarden teacher and a former Democratic Candidate for State House in Arizona.

Leonard has a blog. He doesn't blog the good news in Iraq. He can't find any. He blogs the truth about his day to day experiences and urges the folks at home to fight to end this insane occupation and bring the troops home. He generally uses stronger language than that.

He was arrested on Monday. They didn't tell him why but they let him go on Tuesday. The local media report he is under investigation. The Guard is tentatively trying to spin it as a query into campaign violations since he filed his intent to seek a Senate seat when he returns. A required filing under a certain timetable that I assume, like in other states, is not validated unless and until the candidate files petitions with the appropriate number of signatures. There's no indication he's done that yet.

He did however "urge in a June 30 e-mail posting, "Fight non-violently for the just and righteous cause of Not One More American Soldier's Life Being Lost. N.O. M.A.S.!"
Maj. Eileen Bienz, a spokeswoman with the state Army National Guard said she could not say whether the investigation in Iraq focuses on Clark's blogging or issues related to running for political office.
Which do you think it is? Meanwhile, in a moment of truly bizarre coincidence, the name of Republican Sen. Jon Kyl comes up for the second time today. If you scroll down you'll see he's also on the honorary board of the Presidential Prayer Team . Ironically, Leonard intends to run for his seat. That is if they don't put him in jail for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, first.
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