Friday, July 22, 2005

Rove and Libby stretch credibility

Bloomberg has the big news in Treasongate this morning. There appears to be some amount of discrepancy between the White House line and the reporter's accounts of who told who about the unfortunate Ms. Plame. I really don't understand how the White House rogues could make such ridiculous statements. Unless the reporters are also covert CIA agents, how on earth would they have obtained the information except via an inside source?

The more complicated the alibis get, the more apparent it is to me how carefully the betrayal of Plame was planned. You don't get this many performers in a three ring circus and as at the circus, no way you watch every detail of every act simultaneously. It seems to be designed to create as many potential culprits as possible so they can all escape in the confusion. As long as nobody cracks, it may even keep them out of jail.

It remains to be seen if this strategy will work. The leaks keep coming and it's getting more difficult for the hard core Bush supporters to carry that water. Even Kevin Aylward at Wizbang, who is "still underwhelmed" by this story of treasonous lies committed by highly placed White House officials, says it's time for the liars to "take one for the team" and step down.

The peanut gallery over at Wizbang, on the other hand is priceless. There's apparently some misguided souls out there that will never be able to admit they were wrong about their guy and one expects nothing, not even a signed confession would dislodge them from their fantasy world.

Meanwhile, the White House is going to have to put so much spin on this story to manage the perception of the reality based Republicans (yeah there really are a few), that the whole lot of these dissemblers are likely to become dizzy enough to fall off the face of the planet.
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