Saturday, July 23, 2005

Princess of Propaganda makes a comeback

This is interesting. Like Stan Laurel, to Rove's Ollie, Bush's image maker Karen Hughes, is back in the saddle again. She will apparently be confirmed without a murmur of protest from the Dems, which is not that surprising to me. Hardly worth fighting about when she fits in so well with the rest of the White House deceivers and hell she has a worthwhile mission.
Karen Hughes, returning to Washington to take charge of State Department efforts to improve the nation's tarnished image abroad, said at her confirmation hearing yesterday that she wants to enlist the private sector -- including the music, film and travel industries -- in a reinvigorated effort to help the Muslim world understand America.
Of course, it would probably work better if she could explain America to Americans first. I for one just don't get this country anymore. I doubt that we've been more polarized at any time since the Civil War. In the half century I've been alive on this planet, I certainly can't remember a time when society has been quite so uncivil.

I mean what does it say about us when there are so many celebs making a good living on hurling such epithets as "moonbat" and "liberal slime" and having it pass for "intelligent analysis" of our common problems?
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