Thursday, July 21, 2005

More explosions in London

In case you were stuck somewhere without any access to media today, there were more explosions in the London subway and one on a bus. Although the media seems to making a big deal out of this, it appears they can barely be called bombs since they involved detonators but no apparent explosives as far as I can tell, in my own limited review of the press.

Only one injury is being reported but no property damage to speak of, so I'm wondering if that person was hurt in the panic, rather than the explosion. The bus is reported to have suffered none at all. The incident is quickly being linked to the 7/7/05 bombings but it feels more like a copycat thing to me. I won't be surprised to find out it was some kids trying to scare people just because they can.

If that is the case, they surely succeeded. If it turns out to actually have an AQ connection, then it's sort of good news in that it seems they are becoming less competent at executing these operations. I mean don't they usually try to kill a lot of people? Either way, the Londoners are understandably upset by the incident.

However, the last report I saw, said the metro system was up and running and life appears to be returning to what passes for normal in these troubled times.
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