Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Letter to a friend

I have a friend I left behind in the Happy Valley that gets discouraged by the ability of the White House to literally get away with murder and push their destructive agenda. She doesn't think we can stop them. Every once in a while I send her an encouraging email. This is what I told her about Plamegate today.
Whatever happens to Rove doesn't even matter. He won't get indicted for treason. There's a chance he'll be charged with a felony although my money is on Scooter Libby to take the fall. I don't care if Rove is punished. He'll still be calling the shots, from a jail cell if necessary.

The point is it establishes even more firmly, a greater pattern of deceit within this administration, in order to take us into an unnecessary war. The president lied. He lied about WMDs, he lied about Plame and he lied about the cover-up. The memo on Air Force One will be their undoing. I have this half-assed hope that we may still be able to impeach him.

In any event, as I told you on the phone, at least we're slowing them down. Only so many hours in the day and they have a spend a few of those doing damage control which robs them of the time for some other more nefarious scheming and also makes it more difficult for them to sneak around when they're under so much scrutiny.

Take heart my dear, all is not lost yet.
In fact, dare I hope we might even be gaining some ground in the public consciousness? I just read somewhere today that 75% of the respondents of somebody's poll thought that Rove was guilty as sin.

Update: Recovering Liberal has the poll.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While this may be Impolitic to point out, you and the friend you are trying to cheer up need to realize that you in fact lost the last election-- in fact, the last several elections. You would do better for your cause to try to win future elections than to try to undo past ones.

6:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All viewpoints are welcome at The Impolitic.

The election, which by the way appears to me to have been as "fixed" as the intelligence leading to the Iraq invasion was to the policy, has nothing to do with Plamegate.

It's not about the crime, it's about the lies that led us to war.

8:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nicely put, Impolitic. Kill 'em with kind words and harsh truth.

10:59:00 PM  

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