Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I called him Scotty

Actor James Doohan, best known as Scotty, the feisty, Scottish-accented chief engineer on television's original "Star Trek" series, died on Wednesday at his home in Redmond, Washington, his manager said. He was 85.

I've already put up two sappy posts at my other blogs about this but I can't shake the sense of loss, so out of proportion to my knowledge of the man. Jack Grant has a moving post on how he was inspired by him. I 'm essentially grieving for his television character. In a way I've been grieving him since the day the show shut down.

Loved the series. I waited impatiently for every new episode. I knew him and I thought of him as Scotty. I loved his character. He was more familiar to me than some distant relatives. After all he showed up in the living room every week and he always saved the warp core from doing something unpleasant.

I never knew Doohan as a person, and frankly I never thought about him by name until today. Nonetheless, it kind of feels like a member of the family has died. I'll miss him.

Rest in peace James.

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