Monday, July 04, 2005

The boys in the bandwidth - Larry, Matt and Karl

I didn't even know Drudge had a radio show but you can count on the Kossacks to be keeping track of these things. JustWinBaby reports Lawrence O'Donnell was on it last night and is not backing down on his statement that Rove is the Plame leak in the White House.

His lawyer's meaningless denials aside, the future's not bright for Rove, a man who will need to wear shades to walk in public again if the Plame case develops along the logical lines of justice served, rather than a White House whitewash. Drudge reportedly appeared to be taking the potential of a Rove indictment seriously.

Wouldn't it be great to witness the karmic kickback against the Lord of the Lies in our lifetime?
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